Static Website Designing Services India

Static Website Designing Services India

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A static website in simple terms is the one in which content cannot be changed without making changes in the source code. It contains web pages that have series of HTML files and each page is represented by a separate file. Further, there is no scripting and the website is written in HTML and CSS. Often a static website is made interactive through the use of hyper links. It is easier to make a static website in comparison to dynamic website design as it requires lesser coding and technical knowledge.

Features of static website

  • Impressive design
  • Easy to write
  • Rapid development
  • Fast downloading
  • High visibility
  • SEO friendly
  • Cheap to host
  • Browser compatible

The advantages of static websites:

  • Static websites are easy to design and build
  • They offer easy navigation and modification
  • These websites are faster to load
  • These websites can be shifted to newer platform
  • Static websites are economical
  • These are well suited for business start ups

seosmoppcservices is an expert static web design company India that specializes in offering innovative website design ideas to the clients. We are known for creating static websites that are easy to navigate along with the features of impressive images, meaningful content and are highly user friendly. The team of designers at our company strives to offer personalized services to the clients, ensuring guaranteed satisfaction. They not only deliver top notch designs but also incorporate all the business requirements that ensure interactive online appeal.

Our static web design services include:

  • Custom website design
  • Domain name registration
  • 10 email ids
  • Unlimited revision
  • Facebook, Twitter integration
  • Free hosting
  • Online web statistics
  • Free website maintenance
  • Technical support

seosmoppcservices service specialties:

  • Client centric approach
  • Transparent process
  • Certified and expert team
  • No hid
  • 24*7 client support

Visit the website to get complete information about our website design packages.For further assistance, get in touch with our representatives. You can call us at 9069088892 today.