Penalties Recovery Services India

Penalties Recovery Services India

Google in the past few years has introduced several updates that have punished many websites and slipped their rankings down on the search results. It is aimed towards offering fair competition to the websites, making them follow SEO guidelines strictly. Somehow it also puts negative impact on those websites that employ good SEO strategies like the White Hat SEO

Types of Google Penalties

Google Penguin and Panda are the two broad categories of website penalties.

Google Panda (first noticed in 2011) takes into account the on-page factors of the website that includes, low quality content, duplicate content or excessive stuffing of keywords in the content. Google Penguin on the other hand considers the factors like low quality links, website networks and over optimization of the anchor text that are related to outside the website.

How to know that your site has been penalized?

  • You website is not found on the Google search results
  • There is a drop in the organic search ranking or leads
  • Drop in the organic ranking of targeted keywords
  • There is warning in Google webmaster tool of an unnatural link

Is your website losing its search engine ranking? If yes, then seosmoppcservices is your trusted partner.

We have extensive experience in providing recovery services that solves all the penalty related issues. Our Google penalty recovery process comprises of the following steps:

  • Problem Evaluation: The team at seosmoppcservices analyzes the website and finds out if it has been affected by the updated algorithm. They even determine if there is any manual penalty on the website or not.
  • Design a recovery plan: SEO experts then develop a structured plan both in case of algorithm update or manual penalty.
  • Executing plan: The professional SEO experts follow White Hat strategies thereby developing healthy links for the website.
  • Evaluation and monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the website in order to trace the progress of the recovery process.

seosmoppcservices Google Penalty Recovery Services

We as an experienced SEO company India is committed towards providing excellent recovery solutions that guarantee best online results. The team of skilled experts and consultants sincerely work towards delivering successful end results. Our recovery services in this regard include:

  • Back link profile analysis
  • Content evaluation
  • Investigation of over optimization
  • Checking duplicate content
  • Checking broken link
  • Removing unnatural back links
  • Internal and external back link analysis
  • Fixing duplicate Meta tags
  • Ensuring proper navigation

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